Flakes.FYI Generative Art

Flayes.FYI was an experimental project with the aim of creating a system that would facilitate "mass-produced" artwork through generative design techniques. Inspired by the uniqueness of snowflakes, each piece of digital art is one-of-a-kind, but still clearly belongs together as a series of works.


Creative Director
3D Artist
Brand Designer


Ryan Peters


Eric Svitek


The Flakes

Using a generative design process, I created thousands of unique flakes of different "densities". All four densities fit into a 25x25x25 grid. Each flake began as a generative 3D maze, was mirrored over two axes, and rendered in an isometric perspective to achieve the snowflake effect.


I created a limited color palette for the artwork, incorporating a range of tones and shades. This was to ensure the final collection contained enough visual variety so that each piece appeared unique while maintaining a cohesive look for the entire set.

Named after its URL, Flakes.FYI was originally launched as a website. Because it was a standalone project, I created an identity for it, incorporating themes from the color palette and artwork. The logo's contrasting sharp and soft forms reflect the shapes found in the artwork and communicate the light-hearted nature of the project. The minimalist snowflake mark hints at the structural similarity of every flake.

Final Artwork

The final collection of artwork was accomplished by layering each flake with different combinations of "cores", overlays, and backgrounds. Ryan Peters and Eric Svitek assisted with code to create random combinations of layers, which I curated to arrive at 5,050 total flakes.

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