Loft Design for FluidLogic

Brand Identity

FluidLogic was founded in 2016 with the promise of bringing active hydration to active people. From Motorsports to Outdoors, Healthcare, Military, and Industrial applications, FluidLogic is building intelligent hydration solutions for the most demanding applications.

Loft worked with FluidLogic to develop a clear and compelling brand message that communicates their unique value proposition, including a positioning statement, key language elements, and a tagline—appealing to the audience's needs and aspirations. Based on this strong foundation, we designed a bold and memorable brand identity including the logo, brand elements, color palette, typography and imagery to be used consistently across all touchpoints.


Brand Design Lead


Gregor Mittersinker

Design Director

Amy Quigley

Design Strategy Lead

Clotilde Grimault

Project Manager

Deanna Glaze

UX Design Lead

Olivia Sarcia

Brand Designer

Brand Texture

FluidLogic needed a versatile branding element that could be used in a multitude of applications including advertisements, social posts, and race car liveries.

We developed a multi-layered tessellating texture based on a deconstructed droplet. The texture created the appearance of a new "star" unit while also featuring complete droplet shapes. This allowed the texture to subtly support the brand in any context instead of repeating the logo ad nauseam. We created comprehensive documentation of the many ways the texture should and should not be used.

Construction / Composition
Context / Application
Additional Graphic Elements

Part of the brand identity effort was developing a visual language for FluidLogic's graphic elements. We defined and illustrated an icon system for their website and mobile app with a technical, yet approachable style. This was an intentional decision, designed to appeal to the brand's original audience of performance motorsports as well as a much broader array of casual and professional users across industries.

We also specified usage guidelines for the droplet shape, ensuring proper scale relationships.

Droplet Usage
Photo Treatment

To maximize the versatility of FluidLogic's image assets, we provided three strategies for photo treatment—one relying on clean photos with subtle tonality shifts based on the intended industry vertical, and the rest involving the integration of the droplet or the brand texture as a framing element.

Brand Guidelines

The team created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that outline how the identity should be applied across different channels and platforms. I developed and wrote most of the specifications in the book and helped define a consistent layout and structure for the contents.

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