Loft Design for Harbinger Pro Audio

VARI 500 Series Studio Monitors

The VARI SM505 and SM508 are 5- and 8-inch studio monitors intended for home and professional use. I worked with Harbinger to design these revolutionary products as Loft's project manager and industrial design lead.


Project Manager
Industrial Design Lead


Gregor Mittersinker

Design Director

Chris O'Connell

Industrial Designer

David Bartok

Industrial Designer

Image courtesy of Guitar Center.

User Interface

The VARI studio monitors are unique in that they have an easily accessible control panel on the front face of the product. This interface features a Bluetooth pairing button, volume knob, and three toggle buttons for different DSP listening modes, allowing users to simulate the versatility of large recording studios, which often have three pairs of monitors to judge the mix in different ways. Having these powerful controls within reach is a game-changer for home, small, and large studios alike.

Control Panel Concepts

Image courtesy of Guitar Center.

The "Pro" Look

For decades, Harbinger has been renowned for its live sound products like PAs and mixers, but it did not have much recognition in studio settings. For this reason, it was critical to establish a professional, trusted look and feel with these monitors. This was achieved by dialing in the proportions of the facades and cabinets to communicate strength and competency of sound. Careful attention was paid to the subtle transitions between surfaces and the placement and proportion of the user interface.

The waveguides surrounding the tweeters also needed to have the "pro" look while adhering to tight audio engineering constraints. We preserved the acoustic integrity of the waveguide shapes and driver placements while creating a strong visual language around them.

Facade Explorations
Waveguide Design

Image courtesy of Guitar Center.

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