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Skateboard Illustrations

Every year, Loft designs or commissions the design of a skateboard deck. The team doesn't skate (anymore), but we have kept the tradition for over 10 years. The annual skateboard design project serves as a creative team-building exercise, with the added bonus of a new colorful wall decoration and fun gifts for clients and friends of Loft.


Project Manager


Jon Riehle

Concept Refinement

Rita Zhu

Concept Refinement

Maggie Snoke

Illustration Ideation

TJ Lippert

Illustration Ideation

Mandy Waryasz

Illustration Ideation

Saloni Bedi

Illustration Ideation

Skateboard Wall, c. 2020

In recent years, each skateboard design has been based on a theme. 2024's theme was "emerging technologies". The team was encouraged to explore visuals related to AI, algorithms, and generative design.

2024 Edition

I refined the team's ideas into a handful of illustrated concepts, each with a unique take on the "emerging technologies" theme. We let our followers decide the final design via a Linkedin poll.

The Final Design
Linkedin Poll

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