Loft Design for Sharper Image

Ice Therapy Massage Roller

Loft collaborated with Sharper Image to develop the Ice Therapy Massage Roller, a comprehensive post-workout recovery tool. Complete with a liquid-cooled core, the Massage Roller is the perfect tool to alleviate muscle pain and tension. We designed the product to offer two versatile configurations—handheld and mounted.

The handheld grip is great for targeted relief on arms and legs. We maximized the surface area of exposed roller ball to ensure constant relief, while simultaneously creating a comfortable grip that fits in the palm of your hand. The suction mount allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas. The product's conical form factor gives the suction cup a large diameter, allowing it to securely attach to any flat surface with a simple mechanism.


Industrial Design Lead
Product Visualization


Scott Noh

Design Director

Yutong Shen

Industrial Designer

TJ Lippert

Product Visualization

Video courtesy of Sharper Image / Intersource ApS.

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