Loft Design for Simmons Drums

Titan Electronic Drum Kits

Loft designed a series of electronic drum kits for Simmons, including the Titan 20 and Titan 50. The Titan kits offer drummers a high level of playability, sound quality, and durability at an affordable price point.


Industrial Designer


Gregor Mittersinker

Design Director

Chris O'Connell

Industrial Design Lead

Ché Antoine

Industrial Designer

Titan 20

Photo courtesy of Guitar Center.

User Experience

We prioritized user experience when designing the Titan 20 and 50. The kits ship with a pre-assembled rack, ensuring customers have a seamless out of box experience. The Titan 50's rack features a sturdy rectangular profile that secures the drum mounting hardware and drums in position. This means users can set up the rack to their preferences and start playing without worrying about the drums slipping over time. Finally, the kits' drum modules were designed for easy navigation with an LCD and intuitive controls.

Photos courtesy of Guitar Center.

Visual Design

The visual brand language of the Titan kits is an evolution of Simmons' brand heritage. It calls back to key design elements that made the brand iconic, while modernizing the look for today’s musicians.

Titan 50

Photos courtesy of Guitar Center.

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