Loft Design for Sterling Audio

Performance Series Microphones

Guitar Center approached Loft to design a new line of performance microphones for their in-house brand, Sterling Audio. These products would play a key role in establishing a confident and professional new visual brand language for Sterling.

We aimed to create a strong, cohesive form language to be shared by the entire family of products. As a result, we developed several distinctive design details that Sterling could own, including shallow wraparound chamfers, conic-based curves and surfaces, and a satin black finish. This bold visual language allowed the Sterling performance microphones to stand out in a market segment where it is hard for consumers to meaningfully differentiate between competitive products.


Industrial Design Lead


Gregor Mittersinker

Design Director

Chris O'Connell

Project Manager

Industrial Designer

Photos courtesy of Guitar Center.

Design for Manufacturing

When designing housings around the microphone capsules, numerous considerations were taken into account. The metal housings needed to be fully enclosed to ensure proper shielding to avoid electromagnetic interference. Additionally, the design of the head baskets had to protect the capsules, be easily manufacturable, and provide adequate acoustic transparency—allowing sound waves to pass through the grilles (and around the cast parts).

Photos courtesy of Guitar Center.

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