Loft Design for Sterling Audio

S452 + S400 Headphones

Guitar Center approached Loft to design a new line of headphones for their in-house brand, Sterling Audio. They came to us with the blueprint for high-quality sound; what they needed was a groundbreaking design and user experience that would both elevate their brand beyond their pro audio competitors and stand out on the shelf.

I assisted with the design of the headphones, offering competitive benchmarking research, 2D and 3D ideation, mechanical studies involving the collapsing ear cups and hinges, and CMF exploration.


Project Manager - Viz

Product Visualization Lead

Industrial Designer


Gregor Mittersinker

Design Director

Rance Pritchard

Project Manager - ID

Industrial Design Lead

Chris O'Connell

Industrial Designer

Walmen Dumaliang

Industrial Designer

Vincent Po



After the design was finalized, an entire phase of the project was dedicated to professional renders for web and packaging applications. I was the project manager and visualization lead for this phase.

Visualizations for these applications must be dramatic enough to draw attention and versatile enough to stand alone or be placed in a variety of different contexts and backgrounds. I designed the images with a level of contrast that both catches viewers' eyes and allows them to be placed on light and dark backgrounds.

The final images were achieved with a combination of rendering in KeyShot with both physical and HDRI lighting and photo composites of real product samples, with post-processing in Photoshop.

Sterling Audio S452
Sterling Audio S400

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