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Tervis Traveler

The Traveler is a stainless steel tumbler that comes in two sizes—20oz and 30oz. The design of these tumblers was part of a larger effort to understand and adapt to the contemporary Tervis customer and to evolve the visual brand language of Tervis' core product lines.


Industrial Designer


Jeanette Numbers

Design Director

Scott Noh

Industrial Design Lead

Yutong Shen

Industrial Designer

Photos courtesy of Tervis.

Design System

Traveler's profile was inspired by Tervis' recent rebranding. Our team deconstructed a portion of the logo, creatinf a methodology from which to define the new form language.

On the Go

We designed both the 20oz and 30oz Traveler to be taken with you wherever you go. With their sleek profiles and subtle curves, the Travelers look and feel good. We meticulously tested the ergonomics of both products, ensuring they could be carried comfortably and securely in hand and fit snugly in most car cup holders.

Photos courtesy of Tervis.

Graphics and Decoration

Tervis' team designs and partners with other brands and artists to create graphics and decoration for their tumblers. We were tasked with creating a design system that would serve as the foundation for those graphics. Rings are an iconic Tervis brand element—we reimagined them at the base of the tumblers to frame the graphics with a strong branded moment.

The rings allow for a broad range of graphic applications, including full-bleed textures and patterns (the rings subtly shine through without breaking the continuity of the graphic), illustrations with a focal area (the focal area must be framed above the rings), and layered graphics (graphics can sit on top of the rings, integrating them into the design).

Photos courtesy of Tervis.

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